The Green Goober, a wildly unpopular superhero, mixes 3 liters of yellow paint with 5 liters of blue paint to make 8 liters of special green paint for his costume.Write an equation that relates the amounts (in liters) of yellow paint (y) and blue paint (b)needed to make the Green Goober's special green paint.

Accepted Solution

Answer: The equation is y = 0.6b or b = 1.667yStep-by-step explanation: According to the question, y is for yellow and b is for blue.We know that the proportion fo yellow paint needed for the mixture is 3l in a total of 8l. So:y = [tex]\frac{3}{8}[/tex]For blue paint, the proportion is 5l in 8l. So:b = [tex]\frac{5}{8}[/tex]Doing [tex]\frac{y}{b}[/tex] and isolating y, we have:[tex]\frac{y}{b} =\frac{ \frac{3}{8}}{\frac{5}{8} }[/tex][tex]\frac{y}{b} = \frac{3}{8}.\frac{8}{5}[/tex][tex]\frac{y}{b} = \frac{3}{5}[/tex]y = [tex]\frac{3}{5}b[/tex]y = 0.6bTo know the proportionality of b over y:[tex]\frac{y}{b} = \frac{3}{5}[/tex][tex]\frac{1}{b} = \frac{3}{5y}[/tex]b = [tex]\frac{5}{3}y[/tex]b = 1.67yThe equations that related yellow and blue paint are y=0.6b or b=1.67y.