the equation y=15x can be used to determine the amount of money y pauli's pizzeria makes by selling x pizzas . the graph shows the money leo's pizzeria takes in for different numbers of pizzas sold. which pizzeria makes more money per pizza

Accepted Solution

Answer:Pauli's pizzeria make more money per pizzaStep-by-step explanation:see the attached figure to better understand the problemstep 1Find out the slope of the graph of Leo's pizzerialooking at the graph take the point (2,24)The graph show a proportional relationship (the line passes through the origin)The slope is m=y/xwe haveFor x=2, y=24substitutem=24/2=$12 per pizza soldThe linear equation isy=12xstep 2Compare the slopesPauli's pizzeriawe havey=15x -----> slope m=$15 per pizza soldLeo's pizzeriawe havey=12x -----> slope m=$12 per pizza sold$15 per pizza sold > $12 per pizza soldthereforePauli's pizzeria make more money per pizza