If rectangle DEFG is dilated by a scale factor of 3 with a dilation center of (0, 0), what will be the coordinates of point D'?A) (-6, 0) B) (3, -2) C) (-6, -3) EliminateD) (-6, -2)

Accepted Solution

Answer:C). (-6, -3) Step-by-step explanation: We have been given a rectangle DEFG on coordinate plane. We are asked to find the coordinates of point D after a dilation by a scale factor of 3 with center of dilation at origin (0,0). Since dilating a figure by a scale factor (k), we multiply the coordinates of all points of the figure by the scale factor k.[tex](x,y)\rightarrow (kx,ky)[/tex] We can see that coordinates of point D are (-2,-1). After dilation by scale factor Β of 3 coordinates of D will be: [tex](3\cdot -2, 3\cdot -1)\rightarrow (-6,-3)[/tex]Therefore, the coordinates of point D will be (-6,-3) and option C is the correct choice.