(Algebra II) extra points!!Find the value of y for a given value of x, if y varies directly with x.If y = -252 when x = 84, what is y when x = 74?Please explain/show your work if you canEverything helps!! Giving brainliest!! TIA:)

Accepted Solution

Answer:   -222Step-by-step explanation:The new value of x is 74/84 of the old value, so the new value of y will also be 74/84 of the old value:   (74/84)·(-252) = -222_____If you like, you can solve for the constant of proportionality (k) in the equation ...   y = kx   -252 = k(84)   -252/84 = k = -3Then you can use this equation to find the new value of y.   y = -3·74 = -222__As we have seen above, there is no need to discover the value of k if there is only one new x-value to be concerned with. If you have to find y for a number of new x-values, then it can be useful to know what k is.